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Becoming a Member

MTYC is a very sociable, family-oriented boat club and we welcome new Members.


If you would like to apply for Membership, please download our Prospective Membership Application form from the Club Forms page and send it to The Honorary Secretary at the email address below.


The Honorary Secretary


Club Landline 01932 761747      

Please note that the club landline is not manned at all times. If your query is urgent please email the Secretary –’ – and we will get back to you.

Other useful contact emails are:-


For location of Clubhouse and contact details, please see the 'Getting to us' page.

Benefits of MTYC Membership

  • MTYC offers various forms of training from boat handling through passage planning to VHF courses, mostly in-house. 

  • The camaraderie existing within the club creates the opportunity for making new friends and cruising in company with individuals, small or large groups.

  • Plenty of advice and experience is on hand in relation to purchasing, running and maintaining your vessel. 

  • In addition, inexpensive haul-out facilities are available providing slipping or wintering for boats up to a certain size.

  • Club facilities are modern and recently upgraded to a high standard maintaining an ambiance both within the clubhouse and its surrounding grounds.

  • Finally, once a full member you may apply for a mooring by placing your name on the waiting list.



A. As stated in the MTYC Club Handbook, Rules and Bye Laws, the objectives of the Club are to promote and encourage motor boating and yachting generally on the River Thames and to engage in inter-club boating and social activities.


To this end, in addition to boating and social activities, members have traditionally participated in the work necessary for the maintenance and improvement of the Club. Most importantly, it has been found that this contributes to the comradeship and sense of involvement of members.

The Club therefore only welcomes new members who are prepared to participate willingly in the activities of the Club and help maintain the Club’s traditions as follows:


a.  Visit the Club regularly and take part in boating and social activities.


b.  Offer help, if health permits, when regular, ongoing work on site improvements or maintenance is being carried out.

c.  Carry out your duty as Officer of the Day.

d.  Make a regular appearance and offer help at ‘Work Days’ (traditionally three per year).

e. Adhere to dress codes. As is traditional in many yacht clubs, including MTYC, a particular standard of dress is to be worn for different club occasions such as our Sail Past and Summer Ball.




A. The following fee structure is currently in place:


Family Member – a one-off £173.25 joining fee

Individual Member – a one off £110.25 joining fee

Family Member - £173.25

Individual Member - £110.25

There are separate charges for electricity, haulout and slipping

If a mooring is granted, this is charged, annually, at £30.00 per foot, according to boat length.


Members are required to pay club fees promptly, reminders cost both time and money.



A. Following preliminary consideration, interview and approval by the Committee, Probationary Membership will be granted for a period of 12 months following payment of fees.   At the end of the probationary period an application for Full Membership will be considered by the Committee.  The entrance fee, but not the subscription, of Probationary Members, who are refused full membership, will be refunded.  The Committee shall not be required to state its reasons for refusal.

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